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Online courses provide 24/7 access to restoration resources designed to encourage and support the Christian journey.

Practical Tools

We develop unique tools based on real needs crafted to help fill gaps and bring hope to difficult situations.


Relevant topics on how restoration and development intersect your life and Christian maturity.

What we do for you

Teach Restoration

We develop tools designed to provide road maps for your journey into the heart of God and his plan for restoration.  There are some places Google doesn’t know how to find.  

Increase Sacrificial Love

Learn the difference between self-centered love and sacrificial love.  Create your baseline for gospel centric love and then chase the love of Christ.  

Maximize Potential

What are your limits and why do they exist?  Greatness requires insight, protection and support.  The world needs you to find your purpose. 

Recover What's Lost

Failure is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to destroy you.  The wilderness is a rough place, and we want to help you find your way back.  

About CMG

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold.  A fitting example for the restorative ministry of Christ and His gospel as we embrace our own weaknesses and allow him to repair us with something stronger and more valuable than our failure.

If we look at the restorative system that exist within Christianity, we see an incredibly unique set of God-given variables that initiate real change.  These powerful principles include mercy, forgiveness, and sacrificial love.  CMG exists to helping Christians experience the richness and life-changing impact of God’s healing love and power.


flagship course

PSI Course

The Progressive Sanctification Intensive is the foundational course of the CMG catalog.  PSI is an individual stepwise system, developed over more than a decade, designed to simplify the concept of Christian sanctification.  PSI provides an application-based process with repeatable results for Christians with a desire to be more Christ-like in the way they show mercy and love.

“The Christian life is a life defined by restoration, not perfection”


Christian Restoration

 Christian Restoration - The Power To Change I​n a time where it is popular to tear down and destroy things, Christian restoration offers a chance to build up and revision the future. It is a powerful concept that transcends minor repairs or DIY efforts; it is a complete transformation, leading individuals, couples, and families to a beautifully...

Christian Humility

Christian Humility: The way to Personal Sacrifice and Restoration  What percentage of humanity is driven by self-promotion and individualism? How many people live, as a rule, so self-consumed that the virtue of humility has no room to exist. For Christians, humility is not just another virtue; it is the entry point – a drawbridge to the...

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