Christian Humility

by | May 17, 2023 | Uncategorized

Christian Humility: The way to Personal Sacrifice and Restoration


What percentage of humanity is driven by self-promotion and individualism? How many people live, as a rule, so self-consumed that the virtue of humility has no room to exist. For Christians, humility is not just another virtue; it is the entry point – a drawbridge to the castle of our faith. Exposed throughout the teachings of Jesus Christ, Christian humility holds the power to reshape our perspectives, deepen our relationships, and bring about profound personal transformation.

The substance of Christian Humility is not in self-deprecation or denying one’s worth; rather, it involves recognizing our limitations and acknowledging our reliance on God instead of self. It is a position of the heart that embraces self-effacement as a virtue and fosters an attitude of service, compassion, and selflessness towards others. The direct byproduct of Christian humility is sacrifice.

Humility, when embraced authentically, has the power to change our lives in several ways. Firstly, it opens our hearts to God’s mercy and guidance, allowing us to surrender our desires and ambitions to His divine will. Through this surrender, we discover a higher sense of purpose than anything we can produce on our own.

Humility helps us build authentic and meaningful relationships. By acknowledging that we are all imperfect beings in need of grace, we create space for forgiveness, reconciliation, and empathy. Humility lessens the noise of selfish-ambition and enables us to listen, understand, and appreciate the perspectives of others as we relate through a spirit of poverty instead of pride.

The human condition, uninterrupted, celebrates pride and self-promotion to the point of destruction as we cave in upon ourselves. Conversely, Christian humility leads us to serve others selflessly. It urges us to bleed ourselves dry for those closest to us and then for the world around us. By humbly serving others, we experience the joy of fulfilling our purpose and living out Christ’s teachings.

By cultivating humility, we deepen our connection with God and open ourselves to the personal process of progressive sanctification.